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Fit Mind • Fit Body • Fit Spirit

“It’s good to have a fit body. And it’s better to have a fit mind controlling a fit body. But it’s best to have a fit spirit leading a fit mind and body.”

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach along with assisting people with Lifestyle Accountability, Stephanie is passionate about helping people transform every part of who they are. This is what she calls “developing a fit mind, fit body and fit spirit.” Stephanie coaches people toward creating a healthy lifestyle, which frees them to pursue their dreams, passions, and goals.

Personal Trainer

Stephanie Vignery

On a Fast Track with God is a 40-day devotional in which Stephanie offers encouragement in the area of spiritual fitness.

Daily Habits  – 40-Days is for New Beginnings! A FIT MIND impacts your entire life from family to work to health! Creating a healthy lifestyle requires you to take the time to understand how you think and how those thoughts impact your everyday life! Get ready to be motivated to create discipline and accountability in your life to move past the stinkin’ thinkin’ that has a tendency to creep in!
Taking Care of YOU   –  Feeding your body with what it needs to be it’s best! A FIT BODY doesn’t happen by accident! 80% of the way that you look is the nutrition that goes into your mouth! 20% is the physical exercise that you participate in! It is very important to spend intentional time understanding the foods that your body needs to get the desired results! This is not a FAD diet but a FIT Body Lifestyle of Healthy Tips and recipes to make your life easier…and to get the results you have been wanting!
A Strong Spirit – Daily reflecting on your relationship with Jesus! A FIT SPIRIT is much more than being “religious” or going to “church”! God created each you with a special purpose in mind. We believe that when you start connecting with that purpose the other areas of your life have a tendency to fall into place! We will provide some reflection on how to incorporate Spirituality from a Christian perspective into your everyday to move yourself into a place where God shows up!


Stephanie’s book is very inspiring and I benefited from reading it. She helps me see things with a new perspective. God has given Stephanie the ability to motivate & inspire. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to have a closer walk with God, and enhance a healthy lifestyle.
Liberty H.
I started reading "On a Fast Track with God" and can clearly see this book delivered to my door was no mistake-God had his hand all over it. I just read lap 10 today and oh what timing the questions you wrote have. Thank you for being Spirit-led while writing. Your words are a true gift. I look forward to reading the rest of the book!
Becky S.

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