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The program gave great guidance for good eating habits that I was able to use as a tool long term. Stephanie does a fantastic job educating about our nutritional needs and what’s recommended on a cardio day vs a strength training day. I’ve been consistent with working out but have not always been great with my eating habits and I lost 5lbs just by making better food choices.

Tiffany W.

The program plan helped me realize how easy it is to add veggies into my daily meals and snacks! In fact, I lost nearly 10lbs during the holidays! And, my kids are now eating more veggies, too!

Kate S.

Diet and exercise…2 principles to losing weight and getting fit. Stephanie makes these principles much easier for anyone to start, at any fitness level, by providing a grocery list of common foods and exercise plans in her programs. I like that the 21-Day offers exercise plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels! The program was a great tool that l used to jump start my weight loss and my goal to get fit.

Ryan F.

In This 7-Day Program You Will Receive

  • 7 day Rapid Fat Burning Meal Plan
 Grocery list included/ natural detox
  • An Exercise Challenge a Day for 7-DAYS
  • Daily Motivation
  • 3 Healthy Family Meal Recipes
  • Access to workout groups (local)

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