Maintenance Membership
Billed monthly, no initiation fee. Add a family member for $30 per month.

  • Unlimited Workouts
  • Nutritional Education & Healthy Tips
  • Weigh-ins, Measurements, Motivation & Accountability
  • Add a Family Member for Only $30 Extra Per Month.

$39.95 per month
One Year Contract Required. Rates subject to change according to current promotions/offers. Whether you're new to working out or a fitness regular, we've got the right staff, state-of-the art equipment and services to meet your needs. Let us build a customized membership that is right for you.



Make The Commitment

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Our fitness packages are designed to fit every goal and budget. Guests are FREE first the first workout. Commit to being really, truly fit and enjoy significant savings (applicable across all fitness packages). Now is the best time to get started! Why put your health off another day?


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LEAH Business Owner and Mother of Two.

"As a mother of two kids, a business owner and a wife of a traveling husband, I’m ashamed to admit how many excuses I was making to be unhealthy. Meeting Stephanie has been a great resource to get out of my FUNK and get back to into a healthier lifestyle."

KARYE Mother of Two.

"I love the accountability! I also love the workouts are different each time. I find myself doing things I wouldn't normally do on my own at the gym. Overall I know that Stephanie is helping me achieve and maintain my goals. I feel a difference in my body and am thankful I'm able to be apart of the FIT Lifestyle community!"

There are Many Reasons for Membership

A Challenge Group is a fun and simple way to connect people who support each other in achieving their health goals. You’ll enjoy the benefits of consistent accountability, community, support and results. And over time, achieving your Challenge goals will help you create a healthy lifestyle.