1. 80 / 20 Rule

  • Nutrition is key to weight loss, building muscle, leaning out more, body needs (i.e., many people ask me “how do I lose my midsection”? That is going to be done through nutrition)
  • Exercise staying active will help give you energy, lose weight quicker w/nutrition, speed metabolism (muscle you have, more fat you burn, releases dopamine:) feel good
  • If nutrition is not in line with exercise, you are not going to see the results as quickly, example up/down…weight will be up and down
  • 2 ingredients that limit you when goal is weight loss and muscle growth /min. Of calories a day that is recommended
    • Sugar and sodium
    • Minimum of 1200 calories a day for women
    • Minimum of 1500 calories a day for men
    • Start going under that start losing muscle tone

2. Prepping Meals Is Key To Reaching Health Goals

  • Keeps you from eating unhealthy foods that are in your pantry. Mostly what makes it into the pantry is bad carbs!
  • Cooking: make a little extra chicken to have for a day or two
  • Doesn’t allow you to go into starvation mode because it prepped and ready

3. Eating Every 2 1/2 – 3 Hrs Benefits Are:

  • Speeds up your metabolism. Keeps you going!
  • Portion size is key
  • Get your protein – palm size (examples: lean meats, chicken, egg whites, lean beef, fish, etc.)
  • Healthy Carbs – 1/2 cup or fist size (healthy carb examples: quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes) Myth: so many people think that carbs are bad,  carbs aren’t bad, its the kind of carbs you eat that is the key
  • Healthy Fats- 2-3 thumb sizes example 12-14 raw almonds, avocados, coconut oil, etc.
  • Eat a protein with every snack and meal
  • Keep your carbs and sugars earlier in day (limit fruit or no fruit at night)

4. Water Is Key

  • You should be drinking at least 1/2 your body weight in oz. per day
  • Buy a gallon water jug to drink out of, this helps you keep track of how much water your drinking

5. Drinking Your Calories Can Lead To Weight Gain /Keep You From Reaching Your Health Goal

  • I find that alcohol is very challenging for a lot of people! It can be one of the biggest challenges people face. The reality is, alcohol slows your metabolism and can contain a lot of calories. If you feel you cannot remove alcohol from your lifestyle then red wine is okay choice.
  • Diet sodas and other drinks such as Crystal Light contain aspartame, which causes more hunger. With regular sodas and fruit juices you also have to be careful. They contain sugar, sugar, sugar!

It’s not about a diet, its about creating a lifestyle of healthy daily habits note: diets might work temporarily but it has to be a lifestyle change for it to be most effective and create long term results.

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